Monday, March 28, 2011

Million Dollar Nun

It turned out Romy had pneumonia (has it?  I don't know when it officially goes away), so we've had a rough go of it for four days.  She's finally acting much more like herself, but it was sketchy for a while.  It certainly took its toll on me, and my cold will be coming out any minute now.  I wish it would because right now it's just stuck in my throat.  Happy happy joy joy.

But I was a nun on Saturday night.  Thankfully, Romy was in decent spirits and I was able to get away for my planned murder mystery dinner party with my friend Katie.  We rendezvoused at a hotel parking lot where we took the following photo from the roof of my car:
I took the wimple off while we drove, not because I didn't want to look like a weirdo (not that nuns look like weirdos, but I was an imposter) but because it was pretty tight on my head.  I donned it once again when we stopped for gas, and the woman working at the gas station made a comment about it not being Halloween.  How did she know I was a fake?

The murder mystery was not as expected.  I envisioned Clue: The Movie, with ten of us sitting around a table and being served dinner as the mystery unfolded.  Instead, there were 65 people, all with distinct characters (and, yes, I was the only one dressed as a nun) and varying levels of commitment.  I was pleased that there were so many people (particularly funny, middle-aged men) who were speaking to me as we mingled as though they knew me and I knew them.  It pissed me off that there were duds there wearing jeans or boring work clothes.  How dare they!

Katie and I were placed at a measly four person table, while others had at least ten, which was a little lame.  Even more lame was that the other people at our table never showed!  It turned out one of them would have been a suspect (most people, including us, were witnesses).  It certainly would have enhanced the experience.  Bummer.  The mystery itself wasn't as fun or complex as the ones you can do at home (I'm a huge fan of the How to Host a Murder series), but it was fun dressing up, being somewhere else, and seeing how everyone else dealt with the characters they had.  In the will reading, my character, the sister of the deceased, inherited one million dollars, so that was exciting.  I would definitely do something like this again, and am already wondering when Katie and I can host our next murder party.  I wonder if this is some sort of hint I should start writing murder mysteries. 

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

This looks like such fun and how did that stranger know you were a fake nun?