Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Bits

Happy Purim!  I don't know if we'll make it to a Purim carnival today.  It's so crappy outside, so who wants to get their kid all dressed up just so she can drag her fancy costume through the wet parking lot?  Some weekend thoughts:
  • Romy is talking over her monitor to herself about this little girl who said, "Boo!" with her at Target about a month ago.  She's really going into detail.  Already a storyteller.
  • I have eaten enough hamantashen for ten Purims.
  • I couldn't watch Dinner for Schmucks in its entirety.  It was like a "Three's Company" episode on my stomach.  Know what I mean?
  • My murder mystery party is less than a week away!  And all I have is a beret!
  • My in-laws visited this weekend and bought Romy enough Polly Pockets to fill a shoebox.  Which is a lot of Polly Pockets.  Because they are small.
  • Does anyone watch the new Steven Segal: Lawman show?  I want to.
  • I'll try to have more interesting thoughts tomorrow.  Enjoy your Sunday!


Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

Its like a threes compony on my stomach. LOLZ

Natalie Sams said...

Happy Purim to you too! It was nice here in Pennsylvania, but there was a huge St. Patrick's Day parade going by right near our a little awkward, but fun!