Thursday, March 03, 2011

Rainforest of Fun

Last night my family and a friend's family went to the Rainforest Cafe.  It was a madhouse.  I thought kids ate free, but after a (very prolonged) delivery of the check, it turned out kids ate for $2.99 on Wednesdays.  So what was all the hubbub?  Romy seemed to have a good time, and so did her friend, Logan.  A balloon guy came around and made them balloon animals (which they promptly popped, although Romy did unravel hers and use it as a phone for a while), and he had this whole shtick that Romy and Logan were an old married couple.  I thought that was pretty funny.  I do find clown tendencies a bit charming.

Speaking of clowns, did anyone watch the PBS series Circus?  At first I was disappointed it wasn't about the history of circus, a story and era I love.  But it was compelling and fascinating just the same.  What wasn't compelling or fascinating?  The Oscars.  Yes, I am a little late to blog on this, but I'm still catching up on my sleep from that night.  My quick opinion: Anne Hathaway just seemed young, like a college kid or something, and James Franco, whom I have loved since the original airing of Freaks and Geeks, was boring.  Like, he always seemed really interesting to me, but whether this was him being an arteest or him just not giving a shit, it was boring.  So, boo to him.  I'm sure he'll win me back after one episode of F&G, though.

In Shamrock Shake news, every time I say I am going out for a Shamrock Shake (okay, this has occurred twice, but still) I end up going out for something else.  First, it was a Blizzard-esque thing from a local establishment because I was in the mood for peanut butter, and second was last night when Matt and I scooted away to Steak and Shake for a Double Chocolate Fudge Sippable Sundae (after I told my mom we were going for the Shamrock).  What gives?  I think every year I buy a SS, and every year I get a stomachache and am a little disappointed.  Maybe I have finally realized that.  Doubtful.  I still have two weeks.

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