Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Big Dresses

Yesterday I spoke in front of a whole lot of high schoolers for Fremd High School's Writers Week.  It's my second year doing it, and I had great experiences both times.  The kids were welcoming, and they seemed to be listening.  I think.  They laughed some.  I even had a Power Point, although now I'm thinking that having the lights low like that probably encouraged some naps.  Hmmmm...  I have no idea why I am second guessing myself all of a sudden because the day really did go swell.  Aside from the fact that I literally did not sleep at all the night before (I think the Oscars made me miss my sleep mark, the one I have to hit or I won't sleep, and then I sort of went crazy and decided we just had to have bedbugs.  Which we do not, thankfully), and I had to still take care of Romy when I got home.  She kept saying, "Mama's not happy," which she likes to say when I'm mad.  But I hate when she says it at other times because it sounds horrifically sad to hear a two year old say their mom is not happy.  Where was I?  Oh, yes, my school visit.  I would really like to have more high school visits.  And middle school.  It's funny being on the other side now and wanting to do school visits, when just last year I was the school librarian, busting my ass to get authors in my school.

One of the funny moments from my visit was when a boy asked me to the prom.  It was because I told this story about not going to prom, or maybe just because I had on this really cute outfit.  I told him maybe, since I did always want to wear my wedding dress again.  Every time I think about that, I laugh.  That was kind of a hilarious answer, if not just as a comeback but as exposing something weird about me.

In cruddo news, I found out that the TV show of Into the Wild Nerd Yonder is not going to happen.  Or, I guess it still could, if someone were to go to the production company and say they want to make it.  But I guess they're done pitching.  Sad.  Disappointing.  Not super surprising, but still.

Lastly, I had this dream last night that Melissa Rivers was my mom, and I was mega pissed at her for being sleazy and buying the same vacuum for $299 that I just bought for $500.  Um, yeah.

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