Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have lost my blogging mojo, so my plan is to get some sleep and stop eating desserts.  Ha!  Whatever.

Here are some things I've been wasting my time with on the interweb:

Back to the Future: I love this.  A photographer in Buenos Aires has a project where he recreates old pictures of people.  Like, exactly.  With those people as adults.  The school where I worked does this, as well, but this guy has truly got it down.

Love Carla from Top Chef?  As do I.  IVillage has a bunch of pictures up from her modeling days!  I always wondered what she looked like as a model.  That is to say, not wearing glasses.  I guess.  What makes a person look like a model, besides the obvious height and lack of weight?  Love Carla all the same.

The New York Times now has children's book reviews online, which will be more meaningful if they review one of my husband's upcoming books.  Seriously, this man has talent.  Check out his upcoming book with Lauren Thompson, Leap Back Home to Me.  It makes me choke up every time I read it to Romy.  You'll be hearing more about it when it's closer to release date, April 26.

In my laziness, I have not been keeping track of all of the wonderful (ie. inane) things I wanted to share from the internet, so I shall stop my list at three.  Today's goal is to use a Red Box for the first time and rent Winter's Bone.  Then I'll have most of the Oscar movies down before tomorrow night.  Monday, I'm speaking at a high school for their Writer's Week.  Hopefully I'll be out of my uninspired mood by that time.  I don't think the kids will want to hear all about how many Goldfish crackers I've eaten in the past week.  Or will they?

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