Saturday, February 05, 2011


I completely missed that my last post was my 600th!  It seems like only yesterday I posted my 500th post.  Ah, the memories.  Since it's the weekend, and I never know if I should save big posts for the weekdays, I am just going to do a random stuff post.
  • I made the big, huge decision, and all is well.  I'll tell you more about that next week.
  • Did you watch the D&D episode of Community?  It made me want to play D&D so badly!  It also makes me hope that the TV producers who optioned INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER see the potential for D&D on TV and make my show happen.
  • Don't forget my husband's contest for his newest book on his blog.  It ends Tuesday.
  • One of my favorite activities is watching plows go by and seeing how much they mess up everyone's driveways.  Make your own fun, winter style.
  • This is absolutely my favorite Ke$ha song.  Not a real video.

  • I think my body has rejected my antiperspirant.


      Brian James said...

      Totally agree about the Community episode. D&D is like group storytelling.

      Ronni said...


      carey said...

      love, love, love community. haven't caught up on the d&d episode, tho--and i should get on that, because i just got a message from someone i converted to the show, thanking me specifically because he loved the d&d ep so much.

      Julie H said...

      Brian, why do we not live in the same town so we can play D&D? And Ronni, I'm just not as dry as I'd like to be. Carey, I didn't even know what Community was about. I actually thought it was about community service. I may start watching now, although I really don't like super mean characters (Chevy).

      Brian James said...

      Seriously...I would be totally down to be a dungeon master.

      Also, Chevy's character isn't typically that mean. Usually just insensitive and goofy, but that show likes to use it's characters to fit the role needed. In this case, Chevy was playing the evil D&D character. Normally, he behaves more how he did in the last scene.

      It's a very clever show that's not afraid to take chances. Sometimes it falls flat, but at least they try.