Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Oscar Race

I am enjoying this year's Oscar rush.  That is, the rush to watch all of the Oscar movies before the show. I have tried this on several occasions, and never once succeeded.  Mostly because I can't get myself to watch the depressing, heavy films that are usually nominated for Academy Awards.  This year's films are so much lighter and more pleasant to watch, that I may get through almost all of them (the one snag is that my mom is going out of town, and, therefore, we lose our trusty babysitter.  We still have at least two more movies we have to see in the theater, though!).  Here are my thoughts on the ones I've seen so far (note that these are not my Oscar predictions, just my take on the movies):
Toy Story 3 - I adored this when I saw it.  Matt and I both said it was an A+ when we walked out of the theater.  However, as much as I love and admire animated films, I don't know if one should be named Best Picture.  Because there are so many things that go into all around Best Pictures, including actors, costumes, lighting, etc.  Of course, those are things that they have to create in cartoon form, too.  What do you think?  I don't want to disrespect the genre at all, but I do feel it's almost comparing apples to oranges.
True Grit - This is my pick so far for Best Picture.  I loved the overall feel to it, the story, the acting, everything.  And Jeff Bridges totally reminded me of my father-in-law.
The Social Network - What a bunch of cocks.  Anyway, this was a very enjoyable movie to watch, if one could get past the ridiculousness of Harvard and their little societies.  How is that real life, people?  It's gross.  Gosh, the more I think about it now, the more disgusted I am with it all.  Rich, white people.  Ug.  Did you know that Natalie Portman dated some guy when she went to Harvard who was in one of these exclusive clubs, and she told the Social Network dudes all about it?  And I already was not a fan of the girl...  Anyway, I do recall liking this movie, even if it doesn't sound that way.  I think this should win for best screenplay.  Oh, and who does Jesse Eisenberg think he's kidding with his newly straightened hair?
The Kids are All Right - I expected to like this more than I did.  I think it was a little uneven.  Things were not tied up, and I don't necessarliy mean neatly, but too much was left hanging.  The character of the son was just wrong.  It didn't make sense that he played all of those sports, liked teams, and yet all he did was hang out with a freak who wants to pee on dogs.  Did anyone else feel like Annette Benning was trying really hard to sound like a lesbian?  Or is that how she speaks?  It made me think of Nicholas Cage's weird voice in Peggy Sue Got Married.
The King's Speech - A lovely movie all around.  Not much to talk about.  Colin Firth should win for Best Actor.
Exit through the Gift Shop - Up for Best Documentary.  I really thought I'd love this, but it was pretty slow.  And I wasn't into the whole, "was it real, was it fake, are we stupid?" thing.  I'd like to see more of the docs.  I have a feeling this will win to go along with the whole rich, famous people are suckers theme.
Inception - This is up for something.  I felt this movie had too much explaining going on.  It's like they made the movie really complicated, and then felt periodically that they had to explicitly lay out everything so people could understand it.  I enjoyed it, but I am not choosing it for anything.  Well, maybe best sets?  Is that a category?

Next up, I will see The Fighter.  If I have time, Black Swan.  The others I am going to try and watch on DVD.  I'm bummed I won't make it to The Illusionist, since I loved The Triplets of Belleville

All in all, this is a fun year for the Academy Awards.  My balcony is closed.


Margaret said...

Why don't you like Natalie Portman? Other than the Harvard thing.

Julie H said...

She really put me off when she was talking about her "fiance" wanting to have sex with her during her not at all humble Golden Globes speech. She also does not seem like a funny person at all. Those kinds of people freak me out.

Megan said...

Saw Black Swan. Had nightmares. Natalie Portman was great in it, but I didn't like the movie as a whole. I didn't really see the point of it and all its gratuity- sex, violence, psychosis.

Jennifer said...

I've been trying to watch all the nominated films and am onto the categories like best documentary and best foreign language film. Man, Dogtooth is freaking weird. I wouldn't say it is depressing, but it is definitely one of the most messed up films I have ever seen in my whole life (and I took a lot of film classes in college, so that says a lot!).