Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writerly Stuff

My sleep has been so crap lately.  I took a Lunesta two nights ago, and it only gave me four hours of sleep.  What is wrong with my brain?  My sleep pattern is sleep a half hour, then I wake up.  A little maddening.  I am dreaming a lot, though, and the dreams haven't been too bad.  Last night I had one where I was wearing my wedding dress, and it was way too big on me.  Hmmmmm...

Here are some Julie Is an Author links:

Into the Wild Nerd Yonder has been nominated for a 2011-2012 South Carolina Book Award!  I find that very cool, especially because Matt and his entire fam are from S.C.  Side note: every year Matt's stepmom puts up a million blow-ups on their lawn for Christmas, and they have these Santa Clauses on motorcycles, each with an "SC" on the bike.  And every year I say to myself, "How cute that Santa has 'South Carolina' on his bike."  Then I remember it stands for Santa Claus.  Every year.

I am speaking at the American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans this summer about writing for reluctant readers along with, gulp, Walter Dean Myers!  (And others, of course, including Chris Grabenstein, but it is crazy to see my name next to WDM like that.)  I will also be one of the authors at the Coffee Klatch, which is chocked full of amazingness this year.  Yay for Gabrielle Zevin!  And tons more!

Author friend James Preller has a site up about fathers modeling reading, which is awesome (although, I must point out that the picture of the father on the top bar is not a good example of how to feed a baby with a bottle.  If you feed them on their backs, that is a good way to give them an ear infection.  In case you were also looking at the site for baby feeding tips).  Here is a link to Matt and a picture of him reading to a tiny Romy.  I suppose we could have taken a newer shot.  Sometimes Matt isn't as organized as all that.

On a final note, I am driving myself insane inside about the Nerd television show.  I have heard nothing in months, and that is with an email and a phone call out to the producer (not at the same time).  I feel this may not be a good sign, but I can't help but hold out hope.  I wish they would tell me something.  Do you think they'd tell me if it were bad news, or have they just forgotten I exist and moved on?  I need closure.  Or a television show.  Preferably the latter.

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