Friday, February 11, 2011

Culture Day

I think I might have pinkeye.  I saw someone make a gross comment on someone else's facebook status about pinkeye and farting in their eye.  What?  If I have it, it's because Romy has had a cold for over two weeks, and I'm the one who blows her nose.  Also, she was rubbing her eyes a lot yesterday, so maybe she has it.  Ug.  Is there any other reason my eyes feel kind of sticky?  I am grossing myself out with this blog post.  That would suck if we had to go to the doctor today because today was supposed to be an exciting cultural day for me and Romy.  You see, today Romy was going to try gelato for the first time.  We have two books where people eat gelato, and instead of going to the Piazza San Marco (where Romy thinks we will be eating our gelato), there's a cute little place about fifteen minutes away from our house.  My only worry is that in one of the gelato books, "Olivia Goes to Venice," someone drops the gelato.  Romy keeps talking about how we'll drop our gelato.  Ruh roh.  No matter what happens today, it promises to be a sticky day.  Get it? 


Brian James said...

Great post...and she is definitely going to pull an Olivia on you!

On the plus side, it might not be pinkeye. It could just be a cold. They can move into the eye.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I always had some medicated drops in the fridge when my kids were little. Seems like every winter one came up with the pink eye and a few times I caught it myself. Yucky but not really series.

Julie H said...

Brian, I think you might be right. Susan, are those prescription? I'm sure I'll need them someday!