Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Election Day

I'm not talking about the Chicago mayoral race (although, I'm definitely interested in seeing what Rahm does for our city), I'm talking about the Chicago Tribune Comics Carousel.  I wrote about this a while back, when Broom-Hilda first came up for cutting.  It seems wrong to make a comic that has been in the paper for over thirty years compete to keep its spot.  The funnies are already tragic, seeing as they have turned into one folded sheet of paper.  I remember when they were two whole folded sheets!  I've been reading the Trib's funnies since I was a kid, and it would be sad to see Broom-Hilda go.  So here's the deal, help a witch out and vote:
The details say to vote by phone (312-283-7360) or online
I have nothing against Free Range, but I can't get behind it when Hildy is on the line.  You can be sure that if she goes, I will be writing the newspaper a nasty letter.  Read about Russell Myers, the artists behind Broom-Hilda, and how he has created a stockpile of comics in case something happens to him.  That's dedication!  Join me, won't you?

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