Thursday, November 04, 2010

Magic as Motivator

That final revision of Don't Stop Now threw me off, but I'm back on track now with the typing of Shazzam!  It's a Sequel!  And I have a new motivator: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows game comes out November 16!  Actually, it comes out a week earlier if you want to play it on a platform other than PC.  But I don't have a platform other than PC.  No, wait, I do have a Playstation 2.  I forgot about that.  I bought it in order to play Dance Dance Revolution and Buffy: Chaos Bleeds.  And then I put it in the basement. 

The Potter games are fantastic.  Maybe not always as far as game play, but the last two games (based on the movies that arrived at the same time) made it feel like you were actually at Hogwarts, navigating through the nooks and crannies of the castle.  And who doesn't want to be at Hogwarts?  The biggest downfall in the games was that they made Ron Weasley look all zitty and ugly.  And short.  He looked short.  And he had dorky shoes.  Anyway, it will be interesting to see what the new game is like, considering almost none of the final book (and probably very little of the first installment of the two-part movie) takes place in Hogwarts.  Another great aspect to the Potter games is that they use many of the actual film actors' voices.  Sadly, not Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson (what?  You guys are too good for video games?  Same went for the Buffy game and  no show Sarah Michelle Gellar.  People can be so disappointing.), but my dearest Rupert Grint was there, as were several others.

The point of all of this video game blathering is this: my new goal is to type as fast as I can so I can play the video game during the times of day when Romy sleeps and I currently have to type up my book.  That means I need to type about 25 pages per day, if my 5 a.m. estimate was correct.  Which is a lot for me.  But if anyone can motivate me to type faster, it's Ron Weasley.

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