Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Where's the Funny?

Perhaps it's the revisions, or all the zombie stuff I've saturated myself in, or the dismal elections, but I am trying hard to think of ways to blog the funny.  Maybe this Sunday clothing sample I never posted will help:
Oy.  It tells me where my head is at when I look at these pants and think, lots of pockets are good when you're on the run from zombies!  But at the same time, these are essentially sweatpants, right?  So the second you put items in your pockets, not only will the entire world see the outline of that Butterfinger you were trying to conceal, but the weight of said items will drag those stretchy pantaloons right off.  I do enjoy how they are emphasizing "That's like $8 off!"  Does that even sound tempting?  And Big guys get the same low price!  Sick.  I just read the line about "Extra Deep 'Hand warming' Pockets."  First off, why is "hand warming" in quotes?  Second, eeeeewwwww?  And eeewww again to the Easy Access Zipper Fly and the Fortified Seams.  These pants are seriously disturbing.  They are all that's wrong with America right now.  Well, not all that's wrong.  Wouldn't it be lovely if all that were wrong with America could be blamed on Cargo Comforters?


hellskitchen said...

I was about to make an analogy between these shorts and this week's election, but everything I thought of made me sad and wasn't funny. (I see armies of zombies wearing these to the voting booths.)
Anne in NYC

Julie H said...

I hear ya, Anne. Nothing funny about it :(