Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Sappy Thanksgiving

It's a gloomy looking day outside, and I have a headache.  But I am so thankful on this Thanksgiving for everything I have.  For my husband and daughter and cat, and for being able to see them every day and be home together.  Yesterday, with Romy's cold, we all snuggled into the big bed to watch some "Winne the Pooh."  Romy kept looking at each of us, side to side, and repeated, "We are all together."  I don't know specifically where she got that one, but I it was wonderful that she got that.  I am thankful for the rest of my family, for their love and support, and I can't wait to see some of them tonight while we dine at Aunt Gloria's (I'm bringing two pies.  From Baker's Square.  Maybe someday I'll bake a pie, but for now, French Silk it is).  I am thankful for my publisher and my editor and my art designer and my agent.  All of the wonderful folks I work with at Feiwel and Friends, who are like my little publishing family.  They are so wonderful to me and believe in me and make the whole writing process fun.  Otherwise, why would I want to do it?  I am thankful for my friends, some of whom I rarely see but think about on the silliest and most random of occasions.  I am thankful for my job and being allowed to take a year off from work to experience life with my daughter before she's old enough to go to her own school.  And, I hope this doesn't sound cheesy and Grammy Award-winning, but I'm grateful for YOU, all of the people out there who I don't really know or who I am just starting to get to know who read my books and my blog.  Without you, I wouldn't be able to stay home like this with my daughter, or know that what I have to say can actually help others or make someone else laugh.  So thank you to everyone out there reading this.  I hope you and yours have a wonderful, safe, pie-filled (even if it's not homemade) Thanksgiving!  And tomorrow: Black Friday!  Should I or shouldn't I?  And how many of you participate in Buy Nothing Day?  I like to go through all the ads and circle things, and then not buy anything.  Not because I'm really making a statement.  Because I don't want to go out with all of the crazed shoppers.  Or do I want to be one of the crazed shoppers?  Does any of it matter?  Because all I can think about is the pie.

And here's a cartoon from my friend, the brilliant cartoonist Richard Thompson to get you in the spirit (I swiped it from his blog, so I hope he does not mind).  Click to enlarge:

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