Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things I Loved and Things I Missed from the Deathly Hallows

Since I am only thirty pages away from finishing my manuscript typing of The Sequel, here is a quickie Top Eleven list of all the things I loved from HP7.  For those who haven't seen it and haven't read the books, there may be spoilers below.  Beware!:

1.  Bill Weasley - How awesome to get to see another Weasley brother!!!  And a fine-looking one at that.  Too bad he has obviously bad taste in skinny, snotty women.

2.  The cartoon of "The Three Brothers - SO incredible.  I could watch that portion on its own a thousand times over.

3.  Seeing the movie the Monday after its release- There were only five groups of people in the theater, so aside from the idiots that felt they could speak aloud in reaction to everything (really, why do people think that's what you do in a movie theater these days?  Especially when nothing you say is at all interesting.), it was a rather comfy, private viewing.

4.  Ron's hideous pants- Why were they so short?

5.  The little dance scene with Hermione and Harry - Sweet and awkward, just the way I like 'em.

6.  Luna's jumpsuit.

7.  Kreacher's nose.

8.  The scene in Bathilda's house looked EXACTLY how I envisioned it while I read it.

9.  Hermione's bag never ceases to amaze me.  And I loved that little jacket she wore when they first changed clothes.

10.  Bill Weasley.  Um, yeah, I said that already, but how much do I love the Weasleys?  Will we finally get to see Charlie in the next movie?

11.  The ending - It totally gave me chills.  And made me smile.  BURN, Voldey!

Three things that I missed from the book:
1.  The touching goodbye between Harry and Dudley.

2.  The mural in Luna's bedroom of her friends.

3.  Am I wrong, or did they make a headstone for Dobby in the book that read, "Here lies a free elf."  And was there a sock involved?  Sometimes I think I just make things up about Harry Potter.


joyce said...

i really missed luna's mural, too. but i'll keep it how i think it is in my head. bathilda's house is my favorite part from the book and i agree, it was exact. even her face. i also thought snape looked super cool this movie. oh snape.

Julie H said...

Snape's hair was lovely in this one! He looked like perhaps the stress of all that lying he's doing made him pack on some pounds, though. Perhaps?

storyqueen said...

I loved it so much!

But I missed Ron yelling, "HERMIONE!" when they were down in the Malfoy dungeon and Bellatrix was torturing Hermione. He was was just kind of talking to Harry and such as she screamed.....wha???

Carly Reads said...

Not sure about the sock, but I too remember them making Dobby a tombstone...

Heather said...

I am going to have to read the book again. I don't remember any of this. I haven't been to see the movie yet either but I can't wait.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Yes, there was a tombstone-I missed that part. And Luna's mural-that would have been nice to see! The biggest thing I missed was that when Ron came back, Harry never said he wasn't interested in Hermione. And Ron didn't scream for her when she was being tortured. I need more Ron/Hermione love and really hated the whole fake love triangle I felt they were creating-UGH!

The animated three brothers-I'm with you on watching that part over and over. Can we get an animated Tales of Beedle the Bard sometime?

Julie H said...

Storyqueen and GBTQ- I swear Ron did yell Hermione when he was locked downstairs because I was a little embarrassed for Rupert. But maybe not. I'll have to watch again to see :) And an entire Tales cartoon would be insane!!! Talking about this will all of you is making me want to go again RIGHT NOW.

Nolan said...

Charlie is going to be played by Alex Crockford.