Monday, November 08, 2010

Sunday Magic

How weird is the time change?  I think it's extra weird when a) you have a kid and b) you don't go to work every day.  How are Romy and I supposed to adjust?  Will she forever get one hour less of sleep each night?  Will I forever get one hour less of work each day because of it?  I have no answers, only wondrous Sunday ads:

This is what I'm getting all y'all the holidays.  You see, I get three with each order, so think of how cheap each gift will be!  Who wants the bone one?  Anyone?

These are ice cream cakes, which always fascinate me.  These, however, are disturbing.  That shiny turkey one?  Really?  Who the eff wants their ice cream to look like a turkey?  Strangely, I feel compelled to buy one. 

 Glad to see hideous Sunday clothing isn't discriminatory against animals.  Not that these are so hideous.  They're doggone stylish, in fact!

Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without hideous clothing.  How long is this woman's crotch?  Wonder warm!  Crotch!  Happy Monday!


Liz S. said...

I'll take the bone purse but will pass on the ice cream turkey. Seriously, that thing looks uber-toxic.

Julie H said...

But it's so shiny!

Heather said...

That turkey ice cream cake is just gross. Do you think they will have a green bean casserole cake?

Julie H said...

Heather, I think that is a really good idea!