Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Downright Despondent, Disturbed, and Depressed

Sorry for the absence.  Halloween reared its crazy head, and somehow Romy knew that, and, therefore, refused to nap.  Trick-or-treating was fun, albeit odd.  Seeing inside my neighbor's homes...  Then came Romy's second birthday(!), which brought much mirth and more sugar.  All in all, good things.  Except for the book.  I have been on hold typing up my handwritten manuscript for the Get Well Soon Sequel ever since I received the pages for my Spring 2011 book, Don't Stop Now.  Normally, this part is a snap.  The pages are laid out all purty, looking like real book pages instead of a Word document.  The galley should be out in a month or so, so all I needed to do was make small tweaks for the final printing.  Which I did.  On almost EVERY SINGLE PAGE.  Nothing huge, but significant nonetheless.  Every changed word does something for the pacing or fills in a gap or clarifies something that wasn't there before.  Which means that all of the reviewers who receive Don't Stop Now, in its current form, won't read it with the million tiny changes.  That is why there is that message on galleys stating that this is an uncorrected proof.  But how much do and can reviewers really take this into account?  Will they be like, oh, there's a hole in the plot here, but I'm sure she fixed it in the final edition?  That doesn't happen, does it?  So now I'm fretting.  Fretting fretting fretting.  And election day doesn't help matters.  Instead of hope, I just feel anxiety about the ignorance and misunderstanding of so many citizens out there.  It hurts my stomach.

And you know what's weird?  For the life of me, I can't remember what picture book my blog title is from.  Help!


Emily said...

Don't fret - I read galleys and always try to remember that the stories will change.

Julie H said...

That's good to hear, Emily. But what if??? I will fret until the reviews come in. And then until my next book comes out.