Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Corn in the Nose

Yesterday I only managed to type up four pages of The Sequel.  Why?  Because during the time that was supposed to be reserved for typing (Romy's usual naptime), I was at the doctor's office with Romy dislodging a piece of corn from her nostril.  The doctor told me to make a seal with my mouth around Romy's mouth, plug her free nostril, and blow hard directly into her mouth.  I did it, and the corn flew out of Romy's nose and directly onto the doctor's sleeve.  It was a beautiful moment.  But also an exhausting, time-consuming one.  So is parenthood.  Speaking of, you may be wondering what we chose for our first television program for Romy.  It ended up being an episode of Sesame Street, and she enjoyed it.  We've watched a little here and there, until tonight when I brought out season one, episode one of The Muppet Show.  Yes, that included the perfection of Mahnamamnan (or however you spell it), but the best part was when Romy watched this:

She was glued.  And then she became unglued and danced and danced.  Over and over.  We played it at least seven times.  Romy is going to be a wonderful dancer.  And that was the meaningful TV moment I was looking for.

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Brian James said...

The old food-up-the-nostril, a toddler classic!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I love The Muppet Show. Raise her on the Muppets and Sesame Street and she'll be a wonderful adult!:)

hellskitchen said...

I love the doctor's solution: simple mechanics and a mommy kiss.