Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grumpy Beans

Today was a blur of bluck.  I started a new sleep med last night, and I could barely get out of bed today.  I felt more tired and groggy than I ever do when I don't sleep, so what's the point?  And I was really mean and grumpy.  I tried to overcompensate by taking Romy to the Jelly Belly factory nearby (yes, I live less than twenty minutes away from the "factory," actually a warehouse with a little train tour.  Whatever, you still get free jell beans).  It worked until I felt like my teeth were rotting, and the grumpies came back.  I'm blogging to remind myself of all the good things from today:
  • I got to page 300 on my manuscript typing!  That's only 97 pages to go!!!
  • Romy had her first jelly bean.  And second.  And a whole lot more.
  • Romy got a Jelly Belly hat.
  • I bought my favorite socks in the world.  (Seriously.  They have the best socks at the Jelly Belly store.)
  • C-Diddy accepted my friend request on facebook.
  • We're going out for Indian food for dinner.
So really not a bad day.  Just a bad me.  Maybe I'll just take half a pill tonight.  And be half as grumpy tomorrow.

Don't forget the contest to win my ARC of Don't Stop Now!!!

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