Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well, I'm sick. If I were a Dungeons and Dragons character, I would have a low constitution. I think I'd be an elf. Probably a bard. The point is, after working in schools for eight years, I still always get sick. And Matt, knock on wood, I don't even want to say and jinx it. So never mind. So I'm home because I can't speak very well or breathe very well and I think I have a fever on and off. I hate the guilt of not going to work. I'm always afraid they're going to think I'm faking. But I sound and look like a poo, so I think they'll believe me.

While I'm home, I'm playing the new Play Station 2 (yes TWO, not THREE) I receive prematurely for my birthday. I asked for it specifically to play Dance Dance Revolution, but I don't have the foot pads and I can't play anyway since I'm sick. Instead, I bought a used copy of Buffy: Chaos Bleeds. It's so awesome- just like being on the show! I even get a little creeped out when I play. I am stuck on a level with Xander as the main fighter (the fighters alternate). I finally made it to the last part, where he has to battle Anyanka, but it's really hard. He keeps dying. I am relying heavily on a cheat page that tells me how to get through all of the levels. I don't know how anyone would know to jump on in order to reach a ledge so you can shimmy across it and then jump into an open window. Who comes up with this stuff? So I use the cheat pages. Don’t judge.


Anonymous said...

Men never get sick. But when they do they can be such babies. That said, cheat sheets are ok. If you didn't have them you would probably never get through a game. Its probably something the gaming industry came up with so you would buy a new game after you completed the old one. If you were still sitting there trying to figure out the same game you would never buy a new game.

Treebeard said...

Julie -
I wanted to say hi! My wife brought home your picture book, "Toby and the Snowflakes", tonight. She had read about it on a Madison Public Library Blog written by another librarian. Anyway, I read it and really liked it. It's great you could collaborate with your husband on it. I thought this was a fitting post because we use to play D&D together when we both worked at Sequoya Branch in Madison. I don't think we ever finished that game too. I wish you all the luck in the world and keep up the awesome work! My page is at -Bill