Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Idol, Anyone?

Ya know, I watched American Idol back in the days of Kelly Clarkson. I even voted for her (back then you could actually get through on the phone lines). These days, even though Matt and I watch every night, I'm just not that interested. I don't like when the judges are mean, and I don't like when people embarrass themselves. Why do they do that? It's hardly fame to look like an idiot for five seconds on TV. I suppose they deserve to look stupid if they chose to go on TV. Do they?

I was in Seattle over the weekend working on YALSA Selected Audiobooks committee's final list. You can see our choices here:

It was really fun working with a group the eight other librarians to come up with this list. I was scared that we would be arguing, and I would be crying, but it was much more pleasant than that. Librarians are so awesome.

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Charity said...

What about the people that go on Idol and are horrible and say that their friends all tell them they could win? Do you think the friends are setting them up to see if they will make an ass of themselves? I can't believe that they would think they were any good. And what about the drama queen that was on first Wednesday? Like you, I've lost interest too.