Monday, January 28, 2008

Tvs, Movies, and Moose

This weekend was what I’d call cultured and extremely uncultured. I saw, on DVD, Once, which I really loved and enjoyed. I saw Persepolis in the theater, which was visually fabulous but I didn’t love as much as I would have liked to. I wish I knew a bit more about the whole situation, and, frankly, the French with subtitles had me zoning a bit. Not that I can’t handle subtitles, but some parts were more engaging than others. On the not so cultural side, I played Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on PS2 ALL day on Sunday. It was mind-numbing. The game itself cannot compare to the fun of The Order of the Phoenix game because that game just FEELS like you’re in Hogwarts. This game was all about shooting creatures and finding random stuff. I had no idea what I was doing. And yet I still played all day, which then made me really depressed and antsy and feeling all craptacular.

I have finally found a new thing to fuel my days: I am planning a trip to Alaska for the summer. I actually have already been to Alaska with my family about ten years ago, and I kind of hated the trip. Too much nature, too much family, no TVs in the bed and breakfasts we stayed in. But now I really want to go back. I think Matt would absolutely love it, and I think if I planned it I would feel more comfortable with the whole nature thing. This time around, I’ll be sure to find some TVs. Or at least we’ll have our portable DVD player. I know I sound like a horrid librarian/author who needs TV all the time, but you have your way of relaxing, and I have mine. I do love trio planning. I have that giddy trip planning feeling inside right now. Yeeee!


Skybird said...

My sister went to alaska for a summer and she said that it was gorgeaus. she brought back pictures of amazing mountains,bears, and moose. even a picture of a frog that freezes itself in the winter! so creepy!!

Elizabeth said...

I went to Alaska a few years ago. Loved it. All the towns look like movie sets.