Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Daemon

I saw The Golden Compass yesterday. I read the book a long time ago and remember very little from it (which isn't rare for me; I tend not to remember a lot of book details unless I'm constantly book-talking them to my students). I really liked the movie. I think, if I re-read the book, I would prefer the movie to the book. I actually prefer my pop culture to be more mindless than analytical. I would rather not have to think too much about what I'm reading or watching because my brain is usually annoyingly on overload all of the time. Not that I think everything I read or watch is fluff, but in terms of The Golden Compass, I liked that the movie didn't make me focus too much on the real message of the story (all of that religious stuff they're focusing on in the news). I LOVED the ice bears and, of course, the daemons. They did a fantastic job in the movie of making them look real enough that I was never distracted by the fact that they were all computer generated. Now I can't look at Tobin, my cat, the same way. He is sort of like my daemon. He's always near me (except when I leave the house; I have always wished I could bring him to work), he is sad when I'm sad, etc. And I feel like I can't live without him. A little too attached, I know, but he's such a good friend. Anyhow, you guys probably already know this, but the Golden Compass movie website has a thing where you can find your own daemon. It's pretty neat. Anybody else want to rate the movie vs. the book?


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The Page Flipper said...

I got a SPIDER! That's just SO disappointing. I hate spiders. And I'd probably, accidentally of course, step on him. And how are you supposed to get attached to a spider?

I'm jealous you got the tiger. Maybe I'll retake it...=)

And I haven't read the book OR seen the movie yet, but I'm planning on it.