Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am very weirded by the death of Heath Ledger. When I saw the story on Yahoo news, I gasped. I don't know if it's because he's so young, or if I felt a slight connection because I really like one of his movies (10 Things I Hate About You. Yes, I know, so less cultured than Brokeback Mountain. Truth be told, I never saw Brokeback. I just hate to watch movies that I know are going to make me cry, and I knew it would because my sister saw it in the theater three times and she LOVES a good movie cry). Or maybe because he's Australian, and I lived there and feel a connection in that way. Or because I know he has a young daughter. A part of me feels bad because Brad Renfro died recently, and I didn't have the same feelings. Is anyone else feeling this way?

Perhaps we can gain some wisdom from a Bazooka Joe comic:

Fortune: Friends don't let friends buy junk.

Thanks for the help, Joe.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was very reluctant to believe it when I first read the news update on my email. He was so young. It makes me think of "life is fleeting, so make the most of it while you can," even if it sounds like an overused cliche.

AnnaV said...

i had the same feelings. i loved ten things i hate about you! and the dark knight looks pretty good.

it's weird how people are so shocked by death when its like... the only thing that for sure happens to everyone. he was my sisters age!

skybird said...

who is heath ledger?