Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's in the BAG

So Matt is on his American Idol kick again. There is some freak on right now who is 19 and will not kiss a woman until his wedding day. Say what? And his dad holds this heart pendant for him to give to the girl. Iicccckkkkk. Poor dude.

I had promised some restaurant chat from Philadelphia, but I am too tired to think about that right now. Tomorrow. Today I have to share this clip from youtube. I was actually looking for a specific 90210 David Silver clip of him singing the HIDEOUS song "Precious," [sample lyric: "You're so precious to me. Am I precious to you?" Repeat.] but instead this is all I could find. Before I wow you with BAG (that's Brian Austin Green), this is a reminder to Jessica to email me her address by this Friday to receive her signed copy of Get Well Soon. And now, the magic of David Silver:


Skybird said...

that is SO weird!!!!!!!

Skybird said...

now that i look back at it, he was obviasly lib-synking!