Monday, January 21, 2008

Shiny New Vacuum

I have been obsessed with Consumer Reports lately, trying to ensure that the products I buy are THE best in terms of longevity and price. I guess it's the librarian in me, but I like to think I'm doing things the best way possible. My vacuum's handle broke off years ago, but Matt had managed to duct tape it on very well up until our last cleaning spree. Then the handle cracked off completely, and we had to buy a brand new one. Kohl's was having one of their 15, 20, or 30% off deals this wekend(see other blog entry here), and this time we scored a 20% off on a nicely priced Consumer Reports Best Buy vacuum. How excited are you?

In MUCH more interesting news, I had a wonderful reading at Under the Sycamore Tree Bookstore. There was a great mix of teenagers, bookish adults, and press (the local newspaper people were there). Even an old friend from high school, who knew me in the crazy, depressed days, showed up. The store was beautiful and so nice, and they gave me a gorgeous calla lily plant. I did a reading, although I hope I didn't bore to death when I kept going back and reading more. I never know how much or what parts to read! Anyway, it was really fun and I will hopefully be back at the store to do another reading in the summer. Thank you to everyone at Under the Sycamore Tree!

In final shopping news, Matt and I are looking at LCD TVs for our bedroom. I am still hesitant, as there seem to be so many problems-- like if you don't have an HDTV show on, it can look crappy? And if a pixel burns out, you will only be able to focus on that? And they are really, freaking expensive, so is it worth it? Our current TV is a hand me down with mono sound, so anything will be a step up, but it just seems like such a BIG step. Do any of you guys out there have anything nice to say about LCD TVs to help convince me?

Small piece of business: mesanchez08 , please contact me at I have something for you.


Elizabeth said...

Our vacuum just stopped one day while I was using it. I thought I had pulled the plug out but it just died. We broke down and bought a Dyson. It works so much better than the old one.

Julie H said...

Dyson's are pretty irresistible, both because of their fun colors and design, as well as that creepy guy in the adds (is that Dyson himself?).

AnnaV said...

I became obsessed with consumer reports when I had to do a project involving them for my consumer education class. Go figure.

We loved having you at the store and hope you come back soon!! I can't wait for your next book!

Anna W.

Julie H said...

Yay Anna! It was so fun to meet you in person! I can't wait to come back to the store :)

TLH said...

Wish I could have been there. Glad it went so well. :) Hopefully next time.