Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Philly News

So now for that Philadelphia stuff I promised you (don't get too excited now). I will begin with the awesome airline Matt and I took: Midwest. Lately we've been flying out of Milwaukee, which is so fast and easy compared to O'Hare. Midwest is an airline that has more legroom than your average bear, as well as fresh-baked chocolate cookies on the plane. The flight attendants were so funny and nice. We really had a good time on both flights. And we lucked out on the way home because we landed twenty minutes early, and encountered a snowstorm on the drive home that left at least ten accidents along the highway as we drove. Scary.

Our first stop in Philadelphia was a small museum called the Rosenbach Museum and Library, where we went to see a Maurice Sendak exhibit. It turns out the museum has a close relationship with Sendak and houses most of his work. Sadly, they are renovating the second floor in order to showcase thousands of his drawings, so we saw very little Sendak. But we did get a tour of the museum, which was once a house of two very rich brothers (I may be getting the story wrong. I'm not the best listener) who collected and sold rare books and antique furniture. It was pretty cool, except for the part where we entered the rare books area and some hoity toity librarians were all up in James Joyce's grill (I don't know why I just wrote that, but I'm cracking myself up). There were originals of all sorts of fancy books, but that's not really my thang.

The only other sites I saw were the Liberty Bell and a lot of pretzel stores. Next blog I'll talk about some of our fine dining experiences.


Skybird said...

were there a lot of rodents or cockroaches in Philly? i have heard this but i am not sure that this is true (the father unit often dramatizes things)

Julie H said...

Thankfully, I did not run into them. I bet they come out a bunch in the summer. Ig. So that's one plus for my winter trip!