Thursday, January 24, 2008

Runway of Secrets

As much as I love Project Runway, I can't stay up until 10:00 to watch the entire episode. So I have a system: watch the first half hour while it airs and tape the whole show on a set VCR at work. My assistant watches the first half of the show on Thursdays during her lunch hour, then we watch the second half together during my lunch hour. Hooray! That way I pretty much avoid being told who's out. I hate ruined endings.

I'm kind of happy Victorya (I think she spells it weird) is out because she had a negative vibe. I'm not super happy that Ricky won. I guess I still feel sad that Elisa is out. She had a great spirit. I didn't think the denim challenge was very interesting. Next week I think they're making costumes for porn stars. I don't know how I feel about that.

I started playing the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets game on PS2. It's cute, although nothing as intoxicating as the Order of the Phoenix game. The biggest difference is that COS is very cartoony and OOTP is quite realistic and dreary. But it's still fun to come home from work to a relaxing video game. I think I prefer to play on my computer, though. The PS2 has that creepy jiggle feature on the controller which scares the crap out of me every time it goes off. I know I can turn the feature off, but what fun would that be? It's kind of like my shock therapy.

Sorry for the randomness. Perhaps I need more shock therapy.


J.E. MacLeod said...

Saw your interview on Jessica's webiste and must run out and buy your book now. Your website if fab!

Good luck with your next book, too!
Sounds like a great one.


AnnaV said...

I love project runway! I'm glad victorya is out because she was a poop,and i think ricky cries too much and has bad taste most of the time.

I have been spreading your book around to all my friends, and so far they all love it! I think you should shoot for a movie deal, fo sho. I'll play Anna!

Julie H said...

Thanks, Janet! Jessica's really got quite a blog following!

And thank you, Anna! I love having a fan on the inside :) Now we just have to get someone to make the movie...