Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just in case

I was thinking, as I waited for my alarm to go off this morning (I never seem to actually be woken up by the thing) that my blog post yesterday may have sounded like a diss to librarians. I hope it didn’t (the whole “pedestrian librarian” thing). I didn’t mean librarians who aren’t on committees aren’t as important as those on committees, I just meant that I feel like, without my audiobooks committee and the huge goal that we have every year, I don’t have a HUGE LIBRARIAN GOAL going on right now. That’s all I meant. I hope no one’s mad.


Elizabeth said...

I understood what you meant. No harm done.

Skybird said...

if you like scrapbooking, you could make a calander and take pictures of all the big events that happened last month in the library and put them up on the present month. (does that make sense?)

Julie H said...

I do like scrapbooking, or one would think seeing all of the scrapbooking stuff I have. Now if I could only actually sit down to do it.