Monday, October 01, 2007


I admit to searching Google about once a day to see if anything new on Get Well Soon pops up. I know I have to prepare myself for the negative someday(I have just the one lame review, as well as some boring butthead on a blog dissing the book. Otherwise, I'm happy to report that people have been extremely positive), but not yet. I found another fun review (more of a booktalk, really) at a public library site. I think it's great, and shall paste it below, along with the link. (I could just paste the link, but I'm afraid that someday the link will die and I'll lose the kind words).

"Depression and panic attacks send Anna to a mental hospital, where she records her twenty-two days there through a series of letters to her best friend. Ending up in the hospital turns out to be the start of a better time in Anna’s life in this deceptively charming coming-of-age tale. Through her relationships with the other patients, especially the enigmatic, attractive Justin, Anna becomes more sure of herself, and gains the confidence to establish her place in the world outside the hospital."

In other news, in my attempt to try and go to the gym more than once a month, I changed into my gym clothes before my after school faculty meeting. Alas, there were some fightin' words (not to me, of course), and the meeting ran long. Will I ever get to Zumba again?

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