Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Book Stall and Degrassi

So—The Book Stall. It was amazing. It was like the craziest, best dinner party ever with the strangest mix of guests. I had lots of my family there and good friends and new students and old students. It was such a love fest. I felt really happy. I started with an explanation of my book, how it’s loosely based on my life, and then went on to do a reading (sans swears—I just couldn’t say them in front of my relatives, my students, AND my students’ parents). We had a really cool discussion afterward. Lots of questions about the writing process, the content, swearing vs. not swearing in books. It was a very multi-generational conversation. Wonderful! And then I signed books. Again, I wish I kept a tally. I think The Book Stall will tell me how many sold because I can’t help but be curious. Was that enough info about the event? Ask me questions if you’d like to know m more.

In Degrassi news, what did people think of the new episodes? I hate that they keep focusing on the two yuckiest turds at Degrassi- Darcy and Peter. Something seriously rotten needs to happen to Peter. With all of the crap he’s done to other people, it’s not fair that he’s still living the good life. I did feel sorry for Darcy. I can’t imagine how awful and disgusting I’d feel if that happened to me (I won’t say what happened, just in case you haven’t’ watched it yet). And don’t get me started on poor Manny’s hair. Such a pretty girl. With such bad hair.


Stacy (my friends call me Stasia) Dillon said...

I guess they are now trying to be "edgy". I miss the old days when Spike's hair was up to HERE!!

Julie H said...

I know. Everything is about the skankness. I must admit, though, Spike looks quite cute as a grown-up.