Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gym Loons

I was at the gym today, in the locker room, getting dressed for step class, when this woman starts chatting me up. She was very nice, but it went on and on, even while she was changing. She was somewhat discrete, though, unlike other people. Once, this woman was totally naked and standing in front of the mirror, blow-drying her hair. No thank you! And what about those people who spread out a towel on the bench and sit their naked asses down? I think that's crossing the line of acceptable gym behavior.

The other funny thing that happened at the gym was that a few minutes into the class, my least favorite step teacher came in and set up a step right behind me (to take the class. There was a great teacher actually teaching). Most people hate her because she's mean and gets mad at you every time you screw up. So sometimes I screw up on purpose when I'm in her class just to piss her off. But there she was, behind me, being a psycho and doing all her own crazy moves, completely messing me up. It was pretty freakin' annoying. The funny part was when the person teaching the class today told us to get a drink and then started demonstrating a new step. The psycho teacher was bouncing like a madwoman the whole break time, and she even was yelling, "Get your heart rate up!!!" Like SCREAMING it. In somebody else's class! Freak of the week. Did this story make sense? Let me know if I didn't explain it well.

Time to watch The Office.

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