Saturday, October 20, 2007

Now I'm Depressed

At first I was absolutely laughing my ass off about the funny look-alikes, but I keep doing it with different pictures, and every time my number one match is a guy! Do I look manly? I mean, there were Rachel McAdams and Ali Landry included in my matches, but the number ones were always guys. Is it pathetic that I'm letting this upset me?


Kaleb Nation said...

That site is amazing! I did mine and then a Morph between me and Ashton Kutcher and posted it on my blog- shockingly similar!

To check the accuracy, I took a photo of a celebrity and uploaded it- and they matched her to herself instantly!

Julie H said...

Kaleb, you are hilarious! I love that you tested for accuracy!!! Every time I look at my face and Cuba 's, I die laughing. You didn't really have any funny people. What's up with that?