Friday, October 26, 2007

Scare Me

Today and yesterday (that sounds awkward for some reason) I worked with a couple eighth grade English classes on a seminar about horror stories. It was pretty fun, since I love the scary. I ended today’s class with the teens saying the name of the movie that scares them the most and why. It was a response that went along with some stories we read, a discussion we had on the elements that make a scary story scary, and another discussion about why we like to be scared. My top two movies that scare me the most: 28 Days Later and The Blair Witch Project. Actually, I don’t know if Blair Witch would scare me now as much as it did when I first saw it. I saw it the night it opened, and back then people didn’t know that the people in the movie were actors; it really seemed like they were seeking out a witch legend and found one. I happen to have a fear of camping, so that part of the movie was particularly freaky to me. But it was also the unknown, the lack of control, and being lost. Scary! And while I was watching the movie in the theater, I had to leave to throw up! It turned out I was just sick to my stomach because I had mono (man, did that suck), but still. And then there was this huge fight between this big, fat guy and a woman with a baby in the lobby after the movie. He was yelling at her because she brought her baby to a movie (not Blair Witch) and it was crying the whole time. Ah, the classiness of seeing a movie in the city. How I do NOT miss it.
I believe I have already gone on and on about zombies and 28 Days Later, so no need to say it again. But if you have questions, please ask.

Question O the Day: What movie scares YOU the most and why?


Stephanie said...

I know its not really a horror movie but Signs freaked me out. So did The Grudge.

On Bravo they have been showing the 100 scariest movie moments. Number 100 was from 28 Days Later.

Julie H said...

I actually thought Signs was really good! Looking back, with Mel Gibson in it, that makes it scarier!

And what's up with 28 days being only 100? I think I saw that show. I was WAYYYY disappointed with their #1.