Friday, October 05, 2007

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I was thinking about a ton of hilarious blog posts I could write as I drove home today. Alas, just as it often prevents me from going to the gym, my one hour commute has also prevented me from remembering any of my creative blog posts once I leave the car. I think the ideas are often about the music on my iPod, so perhaps I will pull out my iPod one day and write some blog posts around it. I had an idea about a series of posts about songs I like to listen to in certain situations. For example, I love to listen to the song "Golden Brown" by the Australian band The Stranglers (the video link, btw, appears to be homemade. It looks funny, but it is the right song) when I drive through a carwash. Try it sometime. It's like being transported to a circusy, soapy world.

Two awesome movies are on basic cable tonight: Boomerang, starring Eddie Murphy (one of my FAVES-- "You got to coordinate!") and Desperately Seeking Susan. So I better go enjoy. With only three cable channels, I'll take what I can get. Although, tonight is the season premiere of Degrassi. I wonder if I can watch it on

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