Sunday, October 14, 2007

Very First Question O' the Day

I have decided that I would like to post a question o' the day every time I blog. Maybe it will make my blog more interactive. My first question o' the day is: What music do you like to listen to when you clean? This can be cleaning your house, your room, the dishes, whatever. My favorite music to listen to while I clean is the fanastic CD, Booty Shakin' Hits, that I ordered off an infomercial. This baby's got it all:

This is How We Do It by Montell Jordan
The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground
Ba' Butt by E.U.
No Diggity by BLACKstreet featuring Dr. Dre
Push It by Salt-N-Pepa
Do Me! by Bell Biv DeVoe
and many more!

Sadly, this does not appear to be available anymore, although you can buy it used on Amazon for 50 cents. It's a shame, because this CD definitely keeps the cleaning party going', if ya know what I'm sayin'! (Sorry. Must be a all the cleaning products going to my brain.)

So, what do you like to listen to when you clean?


Kaleb Nation said...

Lots of Adult Contemporary! Leigh Nash, Ingrid Michaelson, Snow Patrol, Dido...alright, maybe the occasional Sir Mix-A-Lot or Little Richard :) . I'm thinking about that scene I'm stuck on while I clean, so it's usually the same stuff I write with.

Julie H said...

Hey, Kaleb! I checked out your blog. Love the pig!!! I don't know if I would have pegged you as an adult contemporary fan. Never can tell. Thanks for posting!