Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Confusion and Candy

First off, I reread the blog post with five comments (wooo!), and forgot to comment on Amy's comment. I think I was thrown because I kept wondering if it was my sister, Amy, but I don't think it was. I love how people are testing the My Heritage Celebrity Collage. I still feel a little bad. Bad enough that at work today the guy came to do picture retakes, and I had him retake mine. It made me realize I like my hair shorter.

About the candy: Matt and I bought a ton of candy, and today I had one mini Twix. I'm trying to be good, but the candy cabinet it calling...

In other exciting news, I cahnged my cell phone ring from Beverly Hills 90210 to the original Degrassi theme song. It is in my soul, that theme song. Best. Show. Ever.


Kaleb Nation said...

My ringtone's been Stronger by Kenye West for a few months now :) I actually had to make that ringtone myself, with just the intro. Before that, it was Angels and Airwaves 'The Adventure' intro line.

Julie H said...

How do you make your own ringtone? Maybe you have to have a phone that's newer than a three year-old Nokia... But it still works!