Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One More!

I can't stop! Here's a funny one of me dressed like Napoleon Dynamite:


Colleen said...

The picture of you as Napolean Dynamite is hilarious! But why is it they think you look more like a female celebrity when you are dressed up as Napolean?

Julie H said...

It is weird. And I always thought Jamie Presley was sort of man-ish. Sigh.

A fan said...

I Loved this site. What fun I've had with it, thanks for sharing.

I was thrilled with my match and didn't want to tempt fate so I only did it with one photo.

Helen Hunt.....it was flattering for me although I NEVER would have imagined it, but hey, who am I to argue with a website!!! "S"

Julie H said...

Hey- Helen Hunt is great! I particularly loved her in Girls Just Want to Have Fun. She hasn't played a role like that since. Shame, really.