Sunday, September 30, 2007


I am in a cruddy mood. Most of it is too personal to blog about, but it sucks. I wish I could just be a happy person. I suppose if I were, I would never have a book coming out about my time spent in a mental hospital, but still. It must be nice to be a happy person.

Yesterday I spent all day in Naperville (an hour away, without traffic) at the Anderson's Bookshop Young Adult Author conference. It was fun being there as an author and a librarian. Copies of Get Well Soon were for sale (even though the official release date is not until Tuesday), and people bought it. I signed quite a few books. I really wanted to keep a running tally sheet, but I thought that might look weird. I wish I did, though, looking back. Do you think it would be absolutely tacky to call/email Anderson's to see how many copies I sold? Do authors do that?

I was also on a panel of newer authors with two other people: Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, author of The Shadow Speaker and James Lecesne, author of the forthcoming Absolute Brightness. They were very nice and fun to be with on a panel. James acted as the moderator, and he was very funny (and had on shiny silver Converse!). I have not yet read their books, but I definitely will. After I finish reading the two books I'm reading now. One of which I have been reading for at least two months. If only I weren't so tired all of the time...

I had two people come up to me for autographs and tell me that they, too, had been hospitalized. It's amazing how many people have. One woman said to me she hopes my book helps remove the stigma of being in a mental hospital. That's a tall order, and I almost feel too goofy of a person to have any real effect like that. I do hope people relate and laugh, but I don't think I could ever go on Oprah as a spokesperson for mental hospital stays. Not like Jenny McCarthy and her autism soapbox. I don't know what to think, O Lady with the Breast Implants. Kind of takes away from the whole authority thing, in my opinion.

Two more days until Get Well Soon is in stores!


Tracy said...

Two days! Whoo-hoo! I can't wait.

I think you could definitely see how many books were sold. I'll bet most authors do all the time. They want to see how their work is doing and how many minds they will reach. But you can always ask your agent or friend posing as your agent give them a call...

Malathionman said...

My wife and I had to check a friend
into a mental hospital on Thanksgiving Eve last year. It was quite the experience.

My oldest daughter has several personality disorders, it is tough on her and the rest of our family. I see a lot of my oldest in my youngest daughter, it is scary.

Julie H said...

It's really amazing to me how many people have or have people close to them with depression or other psychological issues (I don't really know what the correct term is. Are there some terms more politically correct than others?). I hope your oldest daughter is able to find ways to manage, and that your youngest daughter doesn't have to deal with the same issues.