Friday, September 07, 2007


I wish I was more interesting these days. Work has sucked it right out of me. I think things will be better starting next week because they were already better today. Lots more kids, which makes it really fun. But I'm just tired. So tired. A little flaky. I'm dealing with some computer crap- which is lame because all of the crap is surrounding the fact that I never know if and how I should renew my Norton stuff, and the whole reason it's annoying me is that it's making my new Sims2 expansion pack- Bon Voyage!- way slow. I am such a Sims nerd. I actually bought a new computer last year because my old one was too slow for The Sims. But it does bring me such pleasure. I'll update you on my updates when they actually are updated.

New teen review of Get Well Soon at

Sorry for the continuous lameness of my recent blogs. I'll try to try harder.

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T-Boz said...

Another great review! Though what's with that last comment in parentheses? Hopefully a joke. :\ Grrrr.