Saturday, September 08, 2007


I received a haircut today (I originally wrote "got" instead of "received," but I am trying to sound fancier. Or correct, as it were. Is that correct?). I have been seeing the same hairstylist for ten years now, and we talked about how much we've changed and how many things have happened in our lives. It's pretty cool. We're the same age, so she could (god willing) be cutting my hair well into my middle age+. Wow.

In other news, I believe there is a shortage of Haribo black and red raspberry candies because the mall candy store was out (the bin only filled with the remnant black and red beads), and when I went to Walgreen's to buy a bag, they were out. Curious. So instead I bought a small bad of Autumn Mix. I am not one of those people who only likes to look at Candy Corn (because I know there are people out there who just sit around staring at candy all day. Yeah.). I truly enjoy it's mellow (HA! Because aren't they officially called "Mellow Cremes? Or is it mello? Whatev.) flavoring and happy, autumn colors. The pumpkins in the Autumn Mix are a bit much, and I find myself biting away at them with my front teeth. I normally just alretante between the chocolate and regular candy corn.

I have this weird (or not) feeling that I wrote about the exact same thing around this time last year on my blog. So after I publish this, I'm going to go back and check.


Malathionman said...

Hey Julie,

I was just checking out bloggers who listed "Dead Alive" as movie favorites. Not a movie for everyone. Good luck with the new book.


Julie H said...

Thanks, Malathionman! You know what's weird about this? I actually got a job in college because I told the boss that Dead Alive was my favorite movie. He went home and watched it that night and hired me the next day. Peter Jackson: making the world a friendlier place through gore.

T to the L to the H said...

Wow. You like the autumn mix? I always wondered who did. I'm one of those die hard candy corn fans (but not the Indian corn). And I like to eat them in three bites being veeeeery careful not to blend the colors.

What else is in the autumn mix besides those pumpkins? They're huge! Which is probably why I don't like the mix. It's just too much corn syrup. :o

BTW, I LOVE Malathionman's icon.