Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I am home sick today with a cold. I knew it was coming, since I've had a severe sore throat for days. My colds always start that way (maybe everybody's do). Plus, the kids have been sneezing and hacking up a storm. And they always throw their snot rags in the garbage can right next to my desk. Maybe I should supply a garbage can and label it "For Boogers Only."

It's too bad that I'm sick because yesterday a photographer from the Chicago Tribune came by my school to take pictures of me for an upcoming ____ in the Trib. I'm not quite sure what it is yet or when it will run. They said they may do an interview, and there will probably be a review. I just wish I felt better yesterday because I know I looked lethargic (ooh- like Britney!) and probably a little pasty. Oh well. I'm not super vain when it comes to photographs (although we'll see how I'm feeling when the thing actually runs). I'll keep you posted when I know more. Or, if you are a subscriber, you can keep me posted.


Malathionman said...

Crap! I hope I don't catch something from reading this post.

Hopefully your review goes better than Bitany's did. Try to lay off the NyQuil before the interview.

Julie H said...

I hope you are not sick, malathionman. I have a sinus infection now and am on antibiotics. I don't think it's catching...