Sunday, September 16, 2007


Last night we went to the Blind Faith Cafe for Matt's birthday. The dinner was OK- very vegetarian with brown rice and seitan. Not my favorite, but it was Matt's choice. My mom and I usually love their cornbread, but it was way burnt. I would rate the meal a B-. When we got to our parked car, the car we paid an absurd $9.00 to have washed earlier in the day (Matt somehow manages to always pick an expensive wash choice. He's really into the undercarriage wash), it was COVERD in purple and white bird poo. So nasty. Today we tried to blow it all off with the POWER CONE setting on our hose, but it wouldn't all come off. I had a blast spraying the little towel we were using to wipe off the poop. Matt would wipe the car with the cloth, set it on the ground, and I would wash the poop off the cloth with the hose. Except I kept leaving it on POWER CONE, and the cloth would just fly down the driveway. For some reason this was hilarious, and I did it many times. The end of this story is that we are going to go back to the same gas station and get the car washed again. Not for $9.00, though. I can’t imagine the birds pooped under the car.

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