Friday, July 02, 2010

We're in the Basement Part III

[Published one day late because my internet was down.]
Before I step back into the basement, I wanted to let you know that due to my blog readers' encouragement, I called the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom today.  I talked to the assistant director, Angela Maycock, who was incredibly nice.  She is going to get back to me next week after she does a little recon (not her words).

Today we have two shelves, both featuring lovable characters from films and TV shows.  Once again, behold:
The complete Aardman Shelf!  You know what's sad?  I actually had to look up the name of the movie of the characters on the left.  As much as I love these guys, I guess my brain has not retained their identities.  The toys sure are cute, though!

These Wallace and Gromit--The Curse of the Were-Rabbit toys are full-on(that's what my neighbor used to say about everything when I lived in Australia)!  Romy always wants to hold the giant bunny.  But we've all seen what she did to Hank Hill.

If you click on the above image to enlarge, it will be blurry.  But it's either that, or I have to go back to the basement to re-shoot.  And I'm not getting off the couch.  These are the "free" Happy Meal toys from "Flushed Away."  I say free because Matt and I don't eat McDonald's, so we had to pay for them.  Actually, we spent a great deal of time going from McDonald's to McDonald's to gather our collection.  Well worth it, obviously.  That's a movie I can't wait to show Romy.  When we allow her to watch movies.

This next shelf is the glorious Futurama shelf.  I wish we had more of these.

To the left, some nice figurines.  To the right, a wind up Nibbler and a Gender Bender!

Blurry, I know.  In front, little metal figurines!  And behind, a special Comic-Con 2007 Mating Season Zoidberg!  Wow I sound like a dork!

There's more basement to come.  Have a wonderful holiday weekend, everyone!

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Brian James said...

Love the Wallace & Grommit!