Friday, July 09, 2010

We're in the Basement Part VII: The Final Chapter

Here we are-- the last post about my basement.  Just some odds and ends and more odds from the stinkiest room in my house (except right after a poopy diaper in Romy's room).

You know what these are?  Just some of the 100 copies of my picture book, TOBY AND THE SNOWFLAKES, since the book went out of print.  I bought 100 of them, dirt cheap, so that I will have them to give as gifts until I turn 100 myself.  So sad when good books go out of print.  If I do say so myself.

I told you about my Grandma Sylvia's clown pictures yesterday.  They are hidden away (clowns are scary, you know) in my crawl space, so this is the only picture I could take without actually touching the things:
Um, and it is sideways.  But I think it says a lot.

The final piece is something that needs to be opened to truly appreciate.  So I will do that another day as to get this blog finished before Romy wakes up.  But here it is in a box:
I do love me some 90210.  In fact, I am absolutely giddy at the fact that Ian Ziering is going to be at the Chicago Comic-Con this summer (next month!!!).  So are James Marsters and Nicolas Brendan.  Will they actually show?  People always seem to cancel at the Chi-town Con.  I'll have more on that as the event gets closer.  Anyway, this box is for a Twister-like game, where instead of stepping on colored circles you get to step on Brenda's face!

In NON-BASEMENT NEWS, during one of my many searches for my name or book titles, I found THIS.  It's a MySpace music page for a rapper called Lil Walt.  If you scroll down (or do a page search) you will see GET WELL SOON by Julie Halpern listed under this guy's "influences".  Really?  If so, how cool is that?  I wonder in what way it influenced him.  Random.

Starting next Tuesday, I will be featured on a Barnes and Noble discussion board for aspiring writers.  If you create a login, you can join in the week-long thread and ask me questions about writing.  Here is the link to get to the board.  I hope I don't look like an idiot.  At least Lil Walt has my back.

Have a great weekend!


Natalie Whipple said...

I'm really glad you didn't show more of the clowns. The feet were enough:)

And how cool about the rapper! Random, but super cool.

Brian James said...

My office is flooded with copies of my own books. I haven't had one go out of print yet, but fear the day isn't too far away and I'm terrified. I'll be a wreck.

LOVE the 90210 game.

Favorite 90210 tid bits:
1. Donna was born on Christmas (of course she was)
2. Ray Pruit (with one T "because that's all my mama could afford")
3. Dylan chasing the dragon
4. Peach Pit After Dark
5. Brian Austin Green

Julie H said...

Natalie- the clowns are more sad than scary, but they are also super cool and kitchsy. I am hoping to someday get them on Antiques Roadshow!

Brian-- We need to hang out at some F&F function! Think of the conversation! And Brian Austin Green is known in our house as BAG.