Thursday, July 22, 2010

Casting Call

I feel like some of my blog posts about writing of late have made me sound like the Richard Lewis of YA Lit, so I am going to move on to some lighter fare.  Behold: 

Head Over Heels: Literal Video Version - watch more funny videos

This is from Funny or Die.  The crazy part of it is that I was IN LOVE with Roland Orzabal (the dude carrying the books) when I was a kid.  What kind of kid is in love with that guy?  We're talking when I was like 9 years-old.  And here he is, in my all time favorite Tears for Fears video, professing his love to a librarian.  I'm a librarian.  Do you think subconsciously I became a librarian because someday I hoped Roland Orzabal would come in to my library?  The mind boggles.

This blog was originally going to be me trying to cast the potential INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER TV show, but I realized I don't have the first clue where to find a bunch of photos of young actors in order to cast them.  IMDB is just a bit random for this assignment.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  For cast members or where I can select my own?


Katie W. said...

If you are in need of a 21 month old somewhat moody Korean for the pilot, I can hook you up. She is very into drama.

Julie H said...

Can she play older? Like, 15?