Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm a Bargain

Instead of writing this morning (I know, I know, is all I do avoid writing?  And the answer is no, since I did end up writing that super hard chapter I was having a freak about yesterday), I bought a bunch of Bargain Books on Amazon for Romy.  I was all up in the Bargain Books' grill because, sniff sniff, INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER is in the Bargain Book sector!  I asked my editor why this is, and she said, I quote, "Amazon is a non-returnable account, which means they can’t return overstock. So, what they do when they find themselves with some, is they sell the excess copies to their bargain department who then sell it at a discount. As soon as the overstock has been sold down, the page will disappear (until/unless they have more overstock on this title in the future)."
Not quite sure what that means, but since so many good books seem to be in the Bargain sector, and then promptly get out once the Bargain editions are sold, I don't feel so bad.  I mean, Jay Asher's brilliant 13 Reasons Why is in the Bargain Bin, too.  After I saw that, I was like, I might as well do some shopping.  So I bought seven books for Romy.  If you are looking for any Hanukkah or Christmas books or books about God in general for kids, check out the Bargain Books.  I also scored a book that we have out from the library right now that Romy loves, Bunny Days, the follow up to another Romy favorite by the same author, Wonder Bear.  Buy 'em while they're cheap!  Or, you can still buy any of these books for the full price.  Is there something wrong with the Bargain Books?  I guess I'll see when my seven arrive.

I could dwell on the sad nature of the Bargain Book, but instead I will pretend that they are just making [virtual] shelf space for the paperback of INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER, which will arrive sometime in winter.  In the meantime, buy one!  Or two!  Give them as gifts!  Paper your walls with them!  They won't last at this price for long.  I hope. 


Kathryn Packer Roberts said...

I guess I can't completely see your side of it yet, since I haven't seen my book on a shelf, but hopefully I will someday =). Just look at it this way, someone out there really really wants to buy your book but can't afford it and when it is on sale, they finally can. It happens to the best of books (thankfully for me, because then I can buy them =). So, chin up! It just means more people can read your book.

Julie H said...

Yes! More books for less money! They should all be that way :)