Sunday, July 25, 2010

Robert Redux

I am still reeling from the total bag of ass that is our country's insurance situation (that is now affecting me veeeeery directly.   Although, really, it always has been affecting me, even when I had insurance through work because they were still picking and choosing what they would and would not cover, and were charging out the ass for it while doing so).  So, to lighten up this party, here is something I had been wanting to post but forgot about.  It is connected to my series of hilarious book cover posts, called "Julie's Most Awesome Book Covers" (see label category on the right side of my blog).  The book?  That Quail, Robert. 
See my original write-up of the cover here.  But what I really wanted to share was this brilliant review of Robert from Amazon:
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5.0 out of 5 stars Quails are smart and lovable, March 24, 2002
This review is from: That Quail, Robert (Paperback)
That's what "That Quail, Robert" amply demonstrates. Although ornithologists apparently eschew the assignment of human thought and emotion to animals and birds, this book convincingly shows that quails are capable of love and having hurt feelings, and are in need of companionship, just like humans. Quails are also intelligent enough to play games and critique the slightest change in home decor! Of course Robert the Quail was very lucky to have "parents" as loving and doting as the Kienzles and benefited from the fact that they were a retired couple who enjoyed rearing a new "child" after their other children had long since...flown the coop. 

You can't make stuff like this up.  Eschew.


Working Rachel said...

Yay, you posted it! When life gives you insurance woes, mock old books with funny titles. Looking up old books with funny titles is also a fantastic way to procrastinate while revising a query letter.

More quotes--I'm scared that this article isn't as tongue-and-cheek as the author wants us to think:

"Margaret Stanger’s book, “That Quail Robert,” is without a doubt the most important 20th century literary work to come out of North America, or at least East Orleans...Throughout history there have been several icons who have drawn the world’s attention to the location of their humble beginnings. Tupelo, Mississippi has Elvis; Liverpool, England has the Beatles. And Cape Cod, Massachusetts has a tiny quail named Robert."

"Robert was a local and a national star. Newspapers ran stories about a wild quail that was living the life of a family pet in Orleans. NBC invited Robert to New York to appear on a game show. Thousands of people came from all over to see the charming quail that met guests at the door, led them to the sitting room and softly chirped as he sat on their shoulders. In addition to his warm personality, this wild quail was also housebroken, and was so self-confident that he didn’t mind being called Robert, even after he started laying eggs."


- The Robert Fan from Friday's SCBWI event

Julie H said...

CRAZY that Robert has his own FB page. How are people so serious about him? I'm seriously in love with his book cover, but I'm not taking the time to read what's inside. Oh, Robert!