Sunday, July 11, 2010

Give it up, Wentworth

I have been a bad sleeper for years, and lately have acquired a completely new, horrid sleep pattern.  Someone suggested to me that maybe it's because I am going to bed significantly later than I did during the school year, and my body has a window where it needs to fall asleep.  If it doesn't fall asleep during that window, then I don't sleep well, period.  So last night my body said I needed to sleep around 10:07, even though I was in the middle of a perfectly mediocre Season 9 episode of 90210.  It may have worked.  But now here I am, up before 7 on a Sunday morning.  I promise myself that after I blog (and check all my emails just one more time) I am going to work on The Sequel.  That will perhaps contribute to a better night's sleep, as well.

Since I am most certainly the terror of the breakfast table, I'm also going to tell you about a dream I had.  John Green and I were at a party.  I was starting college that day, and I was trying to be on top of what classes I was taking, but also part of me in the dream knew I was 35 and not needing any more college than I already have.  I also needed to look for a new apartment, which was stressing me.  John Green was being really aloof and mean to me at this party, and it sucked.  Plus, I had to pick up all of my twenty-sided dice that fell on the ground.  Wha?  This is the second John Green dream I have had in my life.  I don't even know the guy, and I can't imagine what he represents in my dreams. 

That was not very interesting.

And now to the title of my post, which is thoroughly interesting:
You may all recall that GET WELL SOON was challenged in a middle school in Fond du Lac, along with three other books, by a very serious parent who thinks she is doing GOOD for her (probably mortified) daughter and the rest of the children at Theisen Middle School (can I just tell you that I love that the middle school's name is a 90210 cast member's last name?).  GET WELL SOON and the other books (being Sonya Sones' WHAT MY MOTHER DOESN'T KNOW and Ann Brashares' THE FOURTH SUMMER OF THE SISTERHOOD) made it through with flying colors.  But now this person, Ann Wentworth, is wasting the town of Fond du Lac's time and money to appeal their decision for my book and the SISTERHOOD book.  What gives?  The librarian and superintendent went to bat for my book, and I thought my points (in the letter I sent to be read aloud) were incredibly valid and made the book worthy of staying in their school, not to mention that these students should have the right to read what they wish.  This parent represents so much that is upsetting to me about certain types of people in this country, full of hate and a warped sense of purpose, who believe their way is the ONLY way.  She needs to go have her effin' tea party by her lonesome because her voice no longer deserves to be heard.


Tom Reich said...

Amen sister! I live in Fond du Lac and it is really disturbing that one woman seems to believe that she has the right (perhaps she feels the obligation) to act as self appointed Censor General for our school district. I haven't read either of your teen novels yet but according to my niece they are wonderful. What's more when I remember what I read in middle school, it make me shudder to think that literary greats like Vonnegut, Studs Terkel and Albee could be under the gun for the same reasons.

Supporters of Ann Wentworth have latched onto the idea that their right to free speech entails the right to censor others. In my view this transcends irony to become blatant stupidity.

Best of luck with your sequal.

Julie H said...

Tom, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I am amazed the challenges went on so long. I'd like to believe she's done, but it kind of feels like the end of "Carrie"-- is her hand going to pop out of the grave and grab me?

Say "hi" to your nice for me :)