Wednesday, July 07, 2010

We're in the Basement Part V

This is the last of the decorative shelves around my basement.  I do have other wacky items to share, so don't get all sad or anything about the loss of such a fabulous (and loooooong) blog series.

Behold the glorious Bone (by Jeff Smith) shelf.  On it is a smattering of the Bone toys Matt and I own.  Upstairs in Matt's office, we have a giant Kingdok.  We do not own a Thorn, however.  Just never got around to buying her.

Here is the left side:

Here is the right side:

The coolest thing on this shelf is a hand-drawn note from Jeff Smith to a comic book club I ran when I worked at Francis Parker School in Chicago.  The kids each wrote Jeff a note, and he sent us this picture!  Yes, I took it home.  Because I don't work at that school anymore, the kids are now in college, and there was no comic book club without me. Does that sound egotysitcal?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog, where you can see all of the creepy, strange, and random things I have in the basement.  I will leave you with this taste:

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