Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Much Awesomeness

I woke up early today to work on my new novel, and the characters were visiting the most awesome House on the Rock, one of my favorite spots in the glorious state of Wisconsin. It started the day off right (even with that moth floating around in my water glass), and here are

First review of Into the Wild Nerd Yonder is in! From Kirkus magazine:
Fifteen-year-old Jessie develops the self-confidence to dump her selfish friends and ventures into unfamiliar territory to find new ones in this often hilarious, quirky work of contemporary realism. When her two best friends turn poseur-punk to impress her brother’s friend Van, Jessie is left wondering where she, a math star, audiobook addict and accomplished seamstress, fits in. As their rift deepens, Jessie discovers that a group of Dungeons & Dragons–playing peers are not as socially inept as she once might have thought and loses herself in a crush on a sweet, if fashion-challenged, guy at school. The overarching message about being oneself and growing apart from friends is familiar teen-novel territory, and there is never any real doubt as to the end of Jessie’s journey. However, her narrative voice is unusually honest, and the at times bawdy dialogue is realistic and bitingly funny: “Those two chodes deserve each other. I hope the STDs flow.” Readers will both identify with and like Jessie and will cheer her conversion from meek to outspoken. (Fiction. 14 & up)

I think that's quite an excellent review. Nice! Although I will say I was embarrassed by the crass lines she included. Where do I come up with that?

Next bit of awesomeness is a Julie's Most Awesome Book Cover! Definitely in my all time top three:

This book is about a quail-- named Robert! Who names a quail Robert? That's like naming a dog Jennifer. And I can just hear the person saying, "Oh, that quail, Robert. What will he think of next?"

Last bits of awesomeness:
Don't forget to enter the Get Well Soon Audiobook Contest again! And stay tuned for much author awesomeness on Fridays with the YA Author Proust Questionnaire Special! (Stupid name? No one's helping me out, here.) This Friday-- Ellen Wittlinger!

And I promise to hold off on using the word awesome again for a while.


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Love the book! We had neighbors who named their dog Sarah-so terrible-who names their dog Sarah?
Congrats on the review-I posted my review of Into the Wild Nerd Yonder today too!:)

Julie H said...

Thank you for the great review! I am going to write a blog post about it today :)